Wedding & Special Occasion Packages


Getting Married? Congratulations!

We know weddings are expensive, and we can help! Whether for showers, wedding wines or favours, crafting your own wine is the perfect solution (tip: we even have luscious dessert wines that are perfect for favours or after-dinner sipping).

You can finish your wines with custom labels made just for the occasion, and it’s far more affordable than buying wine – about half the price of retail, sometimes less!

Love a certain commercial wine? Need advice on what you think will be appropriate for your guests? Just ask! We have all the advice you need, and can put together a package for your wedding or shower.

Note that bottling, corking and labelling your wine/s is a fun thing to do with your wedding party!


Like weddings and showers, many special occasions are made more affordable, and especially personal, with wines you have crafted yourself. Choose a wine or wines you and your guests or friends will enjoy, and we’ll help you get through the process ~ it’s fun and easy.

Add some custom labels and matching shrinks and you have the perfect answer to your wine needs. This is also a great idea as gifts for Christmas, etc. – we have some lovely personalized Christmas and winter labels, as well as a variety of beautiful, customizable labels to suit all occasions.